Kristen Recchia, June 22, 2016

What a wonderful book for kids living with divorced parents...moms and dads definitely do some things differently. I so enjoyed the way the author epitomized some of those differences, in such a positive, fun, low-key kind of way. Thank you, Mr. Crossley for sharing your story, it was a joy for my kids and I to read and sparked some fun conversations :-)

When I Am With Dad

C U S T O M E R   R E V I E W S

Alyssa, August 4, 2016

Dad Style!

How refreshing to read a book about Dad's "style" of being a parent. Being a divorced mom, it took me a while to feel calm that when my kids were with their dad, even though he didn't "run" things like I did, the kids were

FINE..and HAPPY...and LOVED!! I'm sure this book will equally be loved by kids of married parents, kids of divorced parents, and kids of ALL dads!! [cont'd]