The book is a series of snapshots, episodes recounted by Elizabeth, and is composed of scenes
that are hilarious, ironic, sometimes perplexing, but always approachable and exquisitely illustrated
in exuberant detail. The author’s lens is tuned to a micro setting and “When I am with Dad” is more about simply being together as a family, than it is about grand gestures or epic experiences. And, appearing in various ways on nearly every page - perched on top of a cat or dotted elephant, or on T-shirts and baseball caps - is this dad’s familiar, the blue jay. Bravo!

A. Nelson, July 30, 2016

Great Addition to any Library or Personal Collection!

When I Am With Dad is a beautifully written and illustrated book. The everyday activities with Dad are conveyed in an uncomplicated manner that allows children to easily grasp the meanings. I'm sure children of divorced parents (or parents they don't see on a regular basis) have experienced at least one of the scenarios portrayed in the book. Overall, it's an upbeat, fun read to help make children feel comfortable with their single fathers as they learn to accept the situation and even to love them more in the end.  [cont'd]

When I Am With Dad